When your formulation hits a wall, we have
the pork ingredient to speed its success.

Do your products crave new tastes? Maybe you want to revitalize some recipes? Or does your portfolio just hunger for a delicious makeover? At Smithfield Ingredient Group, we welcome your toughest challenge and collaborate to tailor just the custom solution you need.

Introducing the Smithfield Ingredient Group

Founded in 1936 in Smithfield, Virginia, now known as the Ham Capital of the World, Smithfield Packing Company grew to become an industry leader that brings delicious and nutritious pork products to millions of people around the world.

Since its creation in 1959, Farmland Foods in Denison, Iowa, has brought consistent quality pork to the foodservice and industrial channels for over 55 years. Its comprehensive pork portfolio offers manufacturers the ultimate in choice and quality.

Through the combination of these two long heritages of success, the Smithfield Ingredient Group is committed to be nothing less than the world leader in the ingredient segment by serving customers’ specific needs and delivering measurable results.

What Smithfield Ingredient Group can do for you

Whatever your pork needs, the Smithfield Ingredient Group can offer the expertise, supply capabilities and expert support and solutions to help you succeed.

As the largest pork producer in the nation, no one knows pork better. From farm to table, we manage the most complete supply chain in the industry. And our sales, operations and product development experts will work with you to tailor just the custom solution you need.

It’s Pork. Solved. By focusing on key areas crucial to delivering unparalleled capabilities.