The Smithfield Ingredient Group:
Vertical Integration

At Smithfield Foods, we produce safe, high-quality and nourishing food using industry-leading systems and up-to-date, science-based procedures. From farm to table, and with plants and distribution facilities throughout the country with a traceable high-quality and consistent supply, we manage the most comprehensive supply chain in the industry.

Our commitment to unparalleled food safety and quality is directly supported by our vertical integration model. Smithfield Foods' Food Safety System adheres to a series of strictly defined practices throughout the process.

Food safety and quality assurance includes:

State-of-the-Art facilities/technology

  • QA & Food Safety report directly to the president & CEO
  • QA presence in warehouse and distribution centers
  • Online QA Data Collection System
  • Customer-specific report cards with desired key criteria
  • Latest technology in microbial control
    • - Antimicrobial agents in product formulations
    • - State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
    • - Sanitary design principles from AMI
    • - Process design (cook-in bag, robotics & automation)
  • Verifications and safety protocols performed through sampling, auditing and 3rd-party certification
    • - SQF Level 3 certified (GFSI Approved)
  • Comprehensive Complaint and Corrective Action System