What is the Smithfield Ingredient Group?

The Smithfield Ingredient Group is a vertically integrated food company, a global leader in pork that employs 46,000 people worldwide. Larger than the next three competitors combined, Smithfield Foods is the #1 hog producer in the world. Companywide, Smithfield Foods harvests 29 million head per year, 26% of the total U.S. production.

With eight fresh pork plants and 16 pork-processing facilities across the U.S., Smithfield Foods is the #1 pork producer in the world. We have the breadth and depth to scale our production to your exact needs. And our vertically integrated supply chain enables us to ensure a consistent supply of safe, high-quality pork to our processing facilities. We are a leader in the care and treatment of our animals. Currently 71% of pregnant sows in company-owned facilites gestate in group housing, and we project 100% by 2017, which will make us the first in the industry to achieve this goal.

The Smithfield Foods Commitment to Sustainability


For over a decade, Smithfield Foods has continually augmented and improved our environmental management systems, enabling us to use all resources—including water, energy, and land—more responsibly.

  • ISO 14001 Certification and EMS Systems
  • Environmental Awards Program
  • Web-based Training Program
  • Environmental Compliance Committee (ECC)

Food Safety & Quality

At Smithfield Foods, our vertically integrated business model helps us set the standard for the safety and quality of our products—from our farms all the way through our processing plants.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities/Technology
  • Food Safety Policy
  • Food Safety Auditing
  • Traceability
  • Cloning Policy
  • Sodium Policy
  • Employee Injury Prevention Management System (EIPMS)
  • Corporate Management System
  • Safety Awards

Animal Care

Our animal care management program, which guides the care of our animals at every stage of their lives, promotes their safety and overall well being from gestation to processing.

  • PQA Plus® Certification
  • Conversion to Group Housing
    • - Over half of sows in company-owned group housing now
    • - 100% conversion by 2017
  • Animal Care Committee
  • CO2 Stunning
  • Internal Audit Program

Value Creation

Smithfield Foods is interdependent in our communities not only through the jobs we provide and the taxes we pay, but also through our efforts that support hunger relief, education, and health-and-wellness initiatives.

  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs by 25%
  • Saved $374 million through environmental improvement projects
  • Launched cause marketing campaigns to benefit social causes
  • All subsidiaries sponsored at least one health- and-wellness program
  • Contributed $1.2 million in education programs to benefit employees and their children

Helping Communities

Smithfield Foods values the importance of strong, vibrant communities and strives to make a positive impact in the areas where our employees work and live.

  • Learners to Leaders®
  • Helping Hungry Homes®
  • World Water Monitoring Day
  • FFA Environmental and Natural Resources Award